OIDC Adapter

What are OAuth 2.0 and OIDC?#

The OAuth 2.0 is an open authorization framework that provides for third-party applications to obtain limited access to HTTP services. The framework supports applications negotiating access directly or on behalf of a resource owner. OAuth 2.0 focuses on client developer simplicity and informs specific proven authorization flows for web, desktop and mobile applications.

OIDC is a built-upon extension of OAuth 2.0 to provide an identity layer. It enables client applications to confirm a user identity from a designated authorization server.

KivaProtocol + OIDC#

KivaProtocol + OIDC

KivaProtocol architecture recognizes OAuth 2.0 + OIDC as an open standard with wide industry adoption and good vendor support. As a result, every end-user facing application built with KivaProtocol SDKs is secured by this standard.

Stack Components#

KP-Hub: Web portal to regulate access to dedicated web-based credential verification flows. In order to use the application the end user must successfully complete an OIDC interaction, this access is then passed into the verification flows.

KP-DesktopTool: Windows based application that provides a bridge between biometric sensors and web-based applications. In order to use the application the end user must successfully complete an OIDC interaction.

KP-Gateway: HTTP API that serves as a broker between client web applications, Hyperledger wallets and underlying sources of identity (eg: civil registry)

Configuring the OIDC Adapter#

To configure your instance of KivaProtocol you first need to ensure that you have a working OIDC stack. For this, you should confirm an URL of the form:

https://<oidc-comptatible server-url>/.well-known/openid-configuration

Accessing it should yield a JSON document similar to:

"issuer": "https://oidc-compatible-server-url.com",
"authorization_endpoint": "https://oidc-compatible-server-url.com/connect/authorize",
"token_endpoint": "https://oidc-compatible-server-url.com/connect/token",
"end_session_endpoint": "https://oidc-compatible-server-url.com/connect/logout",
"userinfo_endpoint": "https://oidc-compatible-server-url.com/connect/userinfo",
"jwks_uri": "https://oidc-compatible-server-url.com/.well-known/jwks",
"grant_types_supported": [
"response_types_supported": [
"response_modes_supported": [
"scopes_supported": [
"claims_supported": [
"id_token_signing_alg_values_supported": [
"code_challenge_methods_supported": [

Checklist for Security Owner#

The owner of the authorization server and the KivaProtocol integrator must review and confirm the configuration of the following checklist:

  • Client-Id for each of the end user applications connecting.
  • Callback URI for each of the end user applications.