This is a repository that external developers can use to launch a full interconected deployment in their local machines. It uses the majority of repos mentioned in this page.

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Core Services#


This is a generic code that can be used in all controller implementations. This is published as a npm package. Specific controllers can then pull in each module as needed. Each controller can be set up as a single or multi controller, single controllers typically have custom code or extra security restrictions that require them to be separate. Mutli controllers are easier to setup as a new controller can be added and configured via APIs without deploying any new servers. Each controller can also interact with single or multi agents (eg multitenant). Single agents are useful if there is just one agent that the controller needs to control or there are extra security concerns. Multi agents are useful when a controller needs to control multi agents (eg an agency). Any combination of single/multi controller/agent can exist, each with their own use cases Single agent single controller - eg a big government issuer which custom processes Multi agent single controller - eg an agency that's managing lots of agents Single agent multi controller - eg FSPs or issuers that want the security of a stand alone agent but doesn't want to set up it's own controller Multi agent multi controller - eg FSPs that just want the simplest way of interacting with the system without any additional setup.

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Interoperable key guardian and recovery system for self sovereign identity wallets

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This repo contains services and tools for using biometric fingerprint authentication with the aries-key-guardian. Specifically, the main contents are a Bioanalyzer Service, Identity Service, Fingerprint Desktop Tool, and scripts for the two databases that are used by Identity Service - identity_intelligence_db and identity_template_db.

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Client SDKs#


Web SDK to embed SSI credential verification capabilities in existing applications.

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Web SDK to embed SSI credential issuance capabilities in existing applications.

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Wallet (Xamarin)#

Mobile SDK to support your mobile SSI workflows. This code base can be use as the starting point for your own wallet or as a library of ready to use components.

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