Desktop Tool

What is the Protocol Desktop Tool?#

It's a configurable desktop application for the Windows operating system that works as a secure bridge between biometric sensors and user applications, specially web applications.

How it looks?#

KivaProtocol Desktop Tool

The Desktop Tool has a clear interface that relies on the OIDC connector and provides a shortcut to the associated Protocol-Hub deployment.


  • Protocol-Hub-Url: Internet address of the associated Hub deployment.
  • OIDC: Configuration required to secure the login of the application.
  • LanguageResource: Resource file to translate the application.

Configuring the OIDC#

The required OIDC configuration has the form of:

"issuer": "",
"authorization_endpoint": "",
"token_endpoint": "",
"end_session_endpoint": "",
"userinfo_endpoint": "",

Checklist for Security Owner#

The owner of the authorization server and the KivaProtocol integrator must review and confirm the configuration of the following checklist:

  • CI/CD Pipeline to ensure that binaries aren't produced ad hoc in individual computers.
  • Obfuscation vendor to ensure that the final deliverable is fully protected.